Building Communications Software

Engage your occupants quickly and easily to give them insight into what's happening in the spaces they care about the most.

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Choose how to connect

Connect with your occupants using the channel they prefer most, including text, email, Slack or our virtual assistant, Bengie.

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Communication made easy

Save time by creating messages, selecting recipients, and adding images in just a few clicks with Prism.

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Track and manage communications

Leverage drafts or copy previous messages to quickly send out customized messages to predefined audiences.

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Keep everyone in the loop with Prism's Building Communications Module

Multi-channel communications

Reach occupants via email, text, or messaging apps like Slack using Building Engines’ virtual assistant Bengie.

Professional communications

Drag and drop photos and images into the message for a polished look.

Create predefined audiences

Quickly connect with building occupants, staff, vendors and others by creating custom contact groups.

Let occupants choose how to connect

Enable recipients of your communications to identify their preferred channels for communicating.

Easier building communications with Prism

With Prism’s Building Communications module, teams engage effortlessly with building occupants to keep them up to speed on what’s happening in and around the places they work.

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