Did you know 92% of CRE landlords recognize that tenants want more from their buildings? That’s a huge opportunity for commercial real estate (CRE) landlords to create a positive tenant experience by connecting and engaging with tenants on a continuous basis. 

Smart CRE landlords will recognize the opportunity they have to lean into tenant experience (TeX). By focusing on TeX, property owners and operators can attract new building occupants, build loyalty and retention with current tenants, and adapt to the ever-changing CRE industry.  

Here are three ways how to improve tenant experience if you’re a CRE landlord or property manager.

How Endurance Land Established Campuses Through Tenant-First Strategies

How Endurance Land Established Campuses Through Tenant-First Strategies

Learn how Endurance Land leveraged workplace experience technology that led to immediate, positive feedback from tenants.

1. Encourage Collaboration

Building a productive relationship between CRE property owners and tenants makes for overall smoother building operations. When both parties communicate their needs, it leaves no room for misinterpretation. Increasing transparency means everyone is up to date with important information such as building developments or maintenance issues. 

The more trust and loyalty you have with your tenants, the more likely they are to partner with you for years to come. By being proactive in your communication, property owners are contributing to a positive tenant experience.

2. Incorporate Amenities 

Tenants want to provide a workplace their employees enjoy coming to every day. And they’re looking to CRE landlords to help make that happen. One way to add to a positive tenant experience is with the best office building amenities. In fact, 81% of workplace teams rank amenities as the most principal factor for improving employee experience. 

Here are the best office building amenities for CRE tenants, based on various research reports: 

  • Relaxation spaces 
  • Outdoor spaces 
  • Accessibility 
  • On-demand services 

Evaluating which tenant amenities are the most beneficial at your property can be difficult. So, first think about how your tenants are likely to use your space. Many tenants are looking to implement common spaces near windows with comfortable furnishings and quiet breakout areas.  

You’ll also want to think about your building from the outside. For example, does your building have room for an outdoor patio or a rooftop space for tenants to use or rent?  

Don’t forget about building accessibility. You know your building needs to be accessible with ramps and elevators. But do your tenants know all about your building’s accessibility? Be proactive in your communication, including service access information.  

And if you want your TeX to go above and beyond, consider offering on-demand services at your property. Perks such as dry cleaning, parking, electric vehicle charging, and mailboxes are unique ways to contribute to a positive tenant experience.

2022 Tenant Engagement Report

2022 Tenant Engagement Report

HqO surveyed its growing customer base of over 100 of the world’s leading companies and asked them about their workplace experience plans.

3. Use Software Built Specifically for CRE Tenants

Technology is not just for property teams, it’s also for the tenants who occupy your buildings. In fact, 49% of CRE professionals believe tenant experience technology is crucial to growing a business. 

One way to use tech for TeX is by putting secure access control, safety and security incident communications, and updated building news directly in tenants’ hands via a mobile app. Using that same technology, tenants can also communicate back and forth with property teams. You can encourage tenants to share details through the app to communicate updates, events, and programming. 

The tech also can serve as a way for tenants to access visitor management, resource booking, and self-service work order submissions. Not only does it make it easier for tenants to accomplish their tasks, but it also streamlines operations and saves your property teams time. 

How to Improve Tenant Experience: Follow a Tenant-Centric Approach at Your CRE Property

To attract and retain quality tenants, it’s important to focus on how to improve tenant experience at your property. And that means identifying a unique solution that fits your TeX strategy. 

The easiest way to meet this goal is through technology. There are CRE software solutions that combine tenant experience software with a building operations platform to meet tenant needs. Reach out to one of our experts to see how you can incorporate tenant experience software at your property!