This is not a new axiom, but one that is worth revisiting. It seems to be particularly important for these trying times in the real estate industry where tenant retention and attracting new tenants is first and foremost on everyone’s minds.

I was reminded of this recently when I read an excellent article by our accounting firm, Braver, who also happens to have a substantial regional real estate client base.  The article was entitled Turning your Most Knowledgeable Real Estate Employees into your Best Marketers.

In the article, they outline 5 ways to connect your employees through communication tools to help them become your “most passionate and enthusiastic spokespeople.”

We certainly adhere to these principles at Building Engines.  We place a premium value on customer service and making each and every interaction with a client a positive one; not only is it the way we believe in doing business, but we also know that our customer service effort pays dividends in the form of referrals and reference-able, happy customers.

But we don’t stop here. We require each member of our team, including developers, product managers and admin personnel to answer phones, to interact with and to get to know our customers. We encourage participation in BOMA and other industry events for everyone and share information internally through systems and social media tools.

We believe wholeheartedly in the “every employee is in sales” mentality and by connecting everyone here to each other and our customers, have seen irrefutable proof of the power of that concept.