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Going The Distance With Risk Management

Going the Distance With Risk Management

There is a scene in the movie Field of Dreams when the voice that originally convinces Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner) to turn his cornfield into a baseball field now instructs him to “Go the Distance.”   Ray was feeling somewhat pleased with himself at this point in the movie having built the field and locating Terrance Mann (James Earl Jones,) but there was still work to be done in order to realize the ultimate vision, and he needed just a little more prodding to get there.

I thought that this was the same situation as I read through both the BOMA 360 certification program life safety components and the recommendations in the National Preparedness Month notice on how property professionals can maximize preparedness.

Both the programs and recommendations are excellent and go a long way toward helping guide property professionals with regard to what they need to have in place in terms of emergency and risk management guidelines, processes, manuals, training, etc. But, owners and manager need to understand that creating and documenting alone does not mean the objectives of risk management and preparedness have been fully met.

In order to “Go the Distance,” professional owners and managers must also:

  • Effectively share and make the information available throughout their organization-  This means that it cannot exist in manuals on someone’s shelf, or in documents sitting buried on a network drive
  • Make the information actionable
  • Educate people (employees, tenants, vendors/service providers) on how to implement and ultimately execute on all of the procedures they have put into place.  You don’t want to be practicing this stuff during an actual event or emergency

This is extensive process that requires commitment, and often a partner, to help guide you and support your teams.  There is little question that effective and well thought-out risk management and preparedness plans are essential components of today’s property management reality, just make sure you Go the Distance so that your efforts deliver the Field of Dreams you’re hoping for.

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