We recently sponsored a Webinar titled “Sensible Solutions for Leases During Challenging Times.” Our presenter, Larry Haber of Colgate Real Estate Advisors, spoke about Lease restructurings, modifications & workouts.  It was a very successful Webinar and was well attended by many of our clients and other commercial real estate professionals. Larry is a terrific partner for us as he both provides information that is valuable to our clients and is a practitioner of the modern approach to business that we embrace- delivering constant value and content that supports the market we both work in.

Although Building Engines’ core maintenance, operations and risk management application and service has very little to do with lease negotiation, we recognized that this is an issue many of our clients are struggling with in today’s market and the importance of offering relevant, value-added information  in any way we can.

At Building Engines, we recently  launched a new Website where we will deliver much of that help in the form of content we make available through our “Inner Circle” resource program, events and Webinars similar to the one we held with Larry.

We hope you visit our site from time to time and suggest any topics or subjects you would be interested in. We love feedback and want to continue to provide educational resources on content that you are interested in!

Additionally, if you have a need for lease issue consultation, I urge you to visit Larry Haber’s site. He offers very valuable insight and knowledge in the hope of earning your business for when you have a more specific need. He is certainly the type of provider that I would like to do business with.