Do you use preventive maintenance software to stay on top of maintenance around your property?

Preventive maintenance can help extend the life of building assets by up to 10x. But, that’s only true if maintenance is conducted consistently and thoroughly.

If you only maintain equipment occasionally, it’s going to break down faster – increasing your operating expenses. And, if you conduct preventive maintenance but don’t check everything in your building, you could have some equipment fail unexpectedly – costing you thousands. Plus, unreliable equipment can create a negative tenant experience.

But, it can be time-consuming to ensure your team is conducting preventive maintenance consistently and across your entire building. With so much to do each week, you don’t have time to waste hours making sure your team does preventive maintenance properly.

How can you conduct necessary preventive maintenance – without spending all your time on it?

With building operations software, or more specifically, preventive maintenance software. This software allows you to schedule preventive maintenance once – and your team will be reminded to do it automatically. And, preventive maintenance software can increase your visibility into your assets. Plus, preventive maintenance software can help your team get things done faster – improving the tenant experience.

Wondering if preventive maintenance software can help you? Read on to learn more about the top benefits of preventive maintenance software for property management professionals.

Save Time Managing Maintenance

One benefit of preventive maintenance software is that you can manage building maintenance in less time – reducing your workload.

To keep up with preventive maintenance, you have to create a schedule for every asset in your building. Then, you have to distribute it to the right team members. And, you have to remind them to do the maintenance as scheduled. Afterward, you have to go through notes to make sure nothing was missed, and all needed work orders were submitted.

Doing all of these steps for preventive maintenance can waste hours (or even days) each week of your valuable time. When you need to manage your team, vendors, and tenants, devoting this much time to one aspect of your job means you can’t do everything needed. So, you have to prioritize and hope you have time for everything essential.

But, with preventive maintenance software, you can save hours each week – allowing you to do more. Instead of creating a schedule by hand and having to remind your team about it, you can create a digital schedule with automatic reminders. That way, you only have to schedule tasks once – instead of wasting time reminding your team.

And, you can see in real-time if your team has completed the scheduled maintenance – so you always know if your building is being maintained properly. If your team isn’t on schedule, you can send alerts through the software to get them back on track.

So, you don’t have to be in every step of the preventive maintenance process. Instead, you can leave the time-intensive administrative tasks to your software – freeing you up to get more done.

The first benefit of preventive maintenance software is that it can dramatically reduce the time you have to spend on preventive maintenance.

Increase Visibility

Another benefit for property management professionals of preventive maintenance software is that it can increase visibility.

When your team conducts preventive maintenance, you have to rely on their notes to see what assets were maintained and what this entailed. If your team doesn’t keep good notes, you have little idea of what happens during your preventive maintenance.

And, even if they do keep good notes, it’s hard to keep track of all this information. It’s easy to misplace a note that has crucial data on your equipment. Without this info, you can’t tend to your asset as it needs – leading to it failing before it should. So, you have to spend thousands fixing a problem that could have been avoided with better record keeping.

Preventive maintenance software makes it easy to see exactly what happens during routine maintenance. Your team can record notes directly in the same software you use. So, you can always see who’s done the preventive maintenance – and what they think should be done to keep equipment in good shape.

And, with preventive maintenance software, you can see the complete maintenance history for any of your assets. Notes your team takes during maintenance are automatically filed under the equipment. So, all you have to do is check an asset to see all its maintenance history – without searching through endless folders or computer files.

That way, you always know how an asset is doing compared to its historical performance. And, you can perform any maintenance before your equipment fails – saving you thousands.

The second benefit of preventive maintenance software is increased visibility that helps you keep all assets in top shape – and save money on replacement costs.

Complete Work Faster

Along with reducing the administrative burden and increasing visibility, preventive maintenance software can help your team complete maintenance faster. And, create a better tenant experience.

When your team does preventive maintenance, they have to take notes as they go. Once they’re finished with the maintenance, they have to return to their desks to give their notes to you or record them electronically.

Going back and forth between their desks and your building increases the time your team spends on maintenance. So, if during preventive maintenance, they discover an HVAC problem, they have to spend time going back to their desk to log a work order. Then, they can go back out and fix the problem.

With issues that affect tenants – like broken HVAC – this increases the time they have to deal with the problem. Instead of a speedy resolution, they have to wait hours for problems to be solved. When their lease is up, your tenants will look for a building with faster service – leading to higher tenant turnover and decreased revenue.

Preventive maintenance software can help your team get work done faster with a mobile app. Instead of only having desktop functionality, some preventive maintenance software also has a mobile app that can work even without the internet.

So, your team can log notes and create work orders from anywhere – all without wasting time going back to their desks. This means your team can conduct preventive maintenance faster and have time to work on other tasks. And, your tenants get issues resolved sooner – leading to higher tenant satisfaction.

Choosing the Right Preventive Maintenance Software

Preventive maintenance is crucial to keeping your equipment in good shape. And, having happy tenants who don’t have to deal with failed equipment often.

But, conducting regular preventive maintenance can be time-consuming. You have to manage your team, manually record any notes, and stay on top of equipment changes. Plus, your team has to run back and forth between their desk and your building to get maintenance done.

With preventive maintenance software, you can spend less time on preventive maintenance administration. And, you can increase your visibility into your assets and their conditions. Plus, your team can get work done faster with mobile functionality that eliminates trips back to their desks. That way, you can easily conduct regular and thorough preventive maintenance to extend the lifetime of your equipment – and keep your tenants happy.

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