As a commercial real estate (CRE) property manager, the contract management process can feel overwhelming. Managing the barrage of tenant and vendor contracts requires efficiency and meticulous attention to detail – even more so if you’re managing the contracts manually. And all of this is in addition to your other responsibilities.

Enter Prism Contract Management by Building Engines: contract management software to help modernize your workflows and provide access to all vendor and tenant contracts in one location. 

Fast access to critical contract information 

Prism Contract Management is a powerful software that centralizes and organizes all your vendor and tenant relationships. You no longer have to search countless documents for a single contract or worry about a vendor’s expiring contract before assigning a work order.  

With Prism, effortlessly search, filter, and access contracts across your portfolio, a group of properties, or an individual property. The result? More efficient property teams and faster, more informed decision-making. 

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Easily create new contracts 

Prism goes beyond just helping you access existing contracts, it optimizes the entire contract creation process. With Prism Contract Management, generating a new contract couldn’t be simpler.  

Prism allows you to create a new contract with just a few clicks. You can easily customize fields or choose from custom templates based on service type. In addition, these templates are saved directly to your account, making the creation of similar contracts in the future even simpler.  

This innovative software completely streamlines the complicated contract creation process, saving you precious time and increasing the overall efficiency of your operations.  

Simplified contract execution with DocuSign integration 

Perhaps one of Prism’s most impressive contract management features is its seamless integration with DocuSign. By integrating this feature, Prism syncs your contract fields into DocuSign, greatly simplifying the process of getting contracts signed and finalized by the right people.  

Whether you’re handling a vendor proposal, service contract, or work order, the simplified process ensures that all stakeholders can access, manage, and sign contracts quickly and securely, making the entire contract execution process less of a hurdle so work gets done faster.  

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Prism Contract Management by Building Engines

Prism Contract Management by Building Engines is the solution property teams need to make their job easier. Having one centralized location for all vendor and tenant contracts brings a new level of organization and efficiency to property management.  

Give your team the gift of fast access to contract data. Quickly generate and execute new contracts, make more informed decisions, improve efficiency, and maximize your bottom line with Prism Contract Management.