Data is necessary to run an efficient commercial building. But on any given day, commercial buildings produce so much information – including financial data, operational data, tenant data, maintenance data, and more. Managing and analyzing all this data efficiently and accurately can be a complex and time-consuming process. 

Additionally, many commercial real estate property teams struggle to keep up with evolving technology and software solutions, which can create inefficiencies and inaccuracies in accounting and building operations. With so many choices out there for proptech, it’s difficult to know if all your software systems properly talk to each other. The result is a fragmented tech stack with the risk of inaccurate data. And teams who make the smartest business decisions are the ones who have accurate, real-time data at their fingertips. 

Top 7 Asset Manager Goals for 2023

Top 7 Asset Manager Goals for 2023

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Prism and Yardi Voyager integration: A seamless connection 

Building Engines, a JLL company, has over two decades of experience creating innovative solutions for the commercial real estate (CRE) industry. Always moving the needle further on operational efficiency, Building Engines has announced a Yardi Voyager integration with Prism by Building Engines 

With the new Prism and Yardi Voyager integration, you can automate your property team’s workflows and ensure your data is accurate. It’s the accounting transparency and operational efficiency your team needs to perform their best. 

Through this direct Prism and Yardi Voyager integration, the systems will automatically pull common data from Yardi into Prism and collect billable labor and materials charges and invoice data that you can transfer from Prism into Yardi for an uninterrupted experience. 

The direct API simplifies integration and provides a seamless connection between Prism and Yardi without the need for manual, time-consuming (and overwhelming!) syncing of data. 

Here are four things to know about this exciting Prism and Yardi Voyager integration.

1. It’s secure and powerful

With the Prism and Yardi Voyager integration, your data will be more organized, accessible, and actionable, while also meeting the industry’s highest security standards.  

Your data flows in two ways:   

  • From Yardi to Prism: common data on properties, spaces, tenants, and vendors   
  • From Prism to Yardi Voyager: billable and payable data 

All this means no more going between multiple databases to get the information you need. Data is updated and ready for you when you need it. And you won’t have to punch in data yourself, reducing the risk of inaccurate data.

2. It streamlines critical workflow

The fast, secure flow of data between Prism and Yardi Voyager unlocks efficiencies for your team. Thanks to the Prism and Yardi Voyager integration, you can: 

  • automatically collect billable labor and materials charges from Prism to transfer to Yardi Voyager
  • push batch charges to Yardi Voyager with one click; and
  • accurately invoice tenants and pay vendors.

NEW! Simplify How CRE Vendors Get Hired (and Paid) with Prism Purchase Orders

NEW! Simplify How CRE Vendors Get Hired (and Paid) with Prism Purchase Orders

Prism by Building Engines has a new module to further simplify your building operations – Prism Purchase Orders. Here are three benefits to implementing Prism Purchase Orders for your commercial properties.

3. It keeps your data up to date

One of the best parts about the Prism and Yardi Voyager integration? No more manually updating data every time a tenant moves into your property or you re-measure a space.

You can sync property, space and tenant, and other common building operations data hourly (or at a custom interval) in Prism based on changes in Yardi Voyager. Your team can have confidence they’re using the latest data – so you can rest assured you’re making the best decisions with the best data.

4. It ensures your data is accurate and actionable

A direct connection between Prism and Yardi Voyager eliminates the need for data manipulation across different platforms. The result? Fewer errors – and data you can trust. 

You can pull common building data from Yardi Voyager and push charges directly from Prism with a full audit trail to ensure accuracy. 

Connecting accounting and building operations 

Are you looking for a simple way to make your building operations and financial data more accurate and actionable? Reach out to one of our experts to learn more about how the Prism and Yardi Voyager integration works. We’re happy to help you streamline your team’s workflows for maximum efficiency.