Do you know exactly where the problems are in your building? How about the exact areas of your building that tend to have the most problems? Are your property teams responding quickly enough to tenant requests? Do you know how satisfied your tenants are with your time to resolution? Space management software can help you answer all those questions and more.

A space management solution enables property teams to centralize their floor plans and better visualize building operations. This technology presents graphic illustrations of digital floor plans for every space in your buildings and keeps them in a digital repository. 

Here’s how it works: Pinned locations of work orders and equipment helps your property teams to complete tasks quicker with less back-and-forth between engineers and tenants. With space management software, you can easily visualize building occupation rates, the latest space measurements, tenant satisfaction data, and more. 

Read on for five benefits of implementing space management software in your building operations platform. 

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1. Respond Faster to Tenant Requests

Tenants can tell you exactly where a problem is by placing a pin on a virtual floor plan, showing the precise location of the work order request. Engineers then can immediately see detailed location information via a mobile app while on-the-go. This enables engineers to quickly resolve issues for tenants. 

2. Spot Trends to Prevent Costly Problems

Visualizing problems directly on a digital floor plan makes it easy to spot clusters of issues located in the same area. Whether it is a pattern of too hot calls or noise complaints, property managers can proactively troubleshoot issues and notify tenants of work in progress to prevent further redundant or escalated reports. 

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3. Acclimate New Engineers and Vendors to Your Building

Space management software makes it easier for people who are not familiar with your building to locate issues quicklywhether it is a new hire, backup employee, roving engineer, or specialty vendor. And since there’s never a question of where an issue or piece of equipment is in a building, there’s less handholding from your experienced staff. This is especially important today as property teams are tasked with taking on more and more amid an ongoing labor shortage. 

4. Track Equipment Readings

Space management software can help you reduce human error, admin time, and maintenance costs. That’s because it offers readings on equipment that help you to streamline and keep up with maintenance requirements. A great space management solution visually represents equipment readings, including the earlier results, and automatically notes if they are inside or outside exception range.  

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5. Stay on Top of Tenant Satisfaction and Lease Renewals

You can have confidence in your space measurement data when you implement space management software. Features such as stacking plans provide an at-a-glance view of occupied and vacant tenant suites on every floor of a building. Stacking plans, or diagrams, are graphical images detailing tenant suites, common areas, and reservable spaces by floor. 

Add on to that tenant satisfaction score overlays, which provide easy visual identification of how engineering teams are supporting tenants – especially important when it’s time for lease renewals. You want to ensure you are providing the best tenant experience possible to retain leases.  

And then with added occupancy/vacancy data overlays, it’s easy to see when tenants are up for renewal. You can enable your leasing teams to provide prospects with up-to-date floor plans and any changes made to square footage, all in a single view.  

The Value of Space Management Software 

A robust space management solution connects teams. That’s because anyone on your property team can access and share floor plans without waiting for or relying on an architect. It means you save both time and money. Simply put, you get more value out of your spaces with real-time space visualization.  

If you want to level up your building operations platform with space management software, reach out to one of our experts!