As more tenants return to the workplace, the emphasis on sustainability, indoor air quality, and healthy spaces has never been higher for commercial buildings. And the right technology can help commercial real estate owners and operators make sure they’re offering spaces tenants want to return to.  

For instance, state-of-the-art algorithms from Hank ensure maximum indoor air quality levels meet or exceed CDC and ASHRAE standards. Hank’s AI-powered virtual engineering solution provides a new, innovative way to optimize HVAC and meet your indoor air quality and sustainability goals. 

But what is virtual engineering for HVAC? Zach Denning, co-founder of Hank and head of product sustainability at JLL Technologies, recently chatted with James Dice of The Nexus Podcast to discuss virtual engineering and more.

Tune in above to learn: 

  • What is virtual engineering for HVAC 
  • How to save energy and costs with virtual engineering 
  • The value of an AI-powered virtual engineering solution 
  • Why you need software that plugs into your existing BMS to optimize HVAC 

How to Ensure Tenants Want to Return to Your Buildings 

Hank helps automate your building’s temperature and air flow to ensure an optimal workplace environment for every tenant. The results are fewer HVAC-related complaints and service calls, leading to consistently higher tenant satisfaction. 

Hank uses AI to optimize energy, tenant comfort, and indoor air quality for incredibly fast ROI. Get in touch with us to learn more!