That’s the Spirit!

We’ve written in the past about the generosity of the commercial real estate industry (Why Giving Back is Good for Business,) and it’s never more apparent than during the holiday season.

Walk into any office building and you’ll see Toy’s for Tot’s collections bins, Coat and Clothing Drives for the Homeless, Food Pantry Collections, etc. in the lobbies. There are Salvation Army collections set up outside of retails centers and office buildings and the tenant companies themselves also have their own internal donation efforts going on as well.

Some quick examples:

It’s hard to find statistics, but I think it’s a good bet that the commercial real estate industry, directly and indirectly, is one of the largest contributors to charitable organizations and efforts during the holidays.

As partners and providers to the industry as well as good local corporate citizens, we’ve made it a part of our core mission to not only support our client’s charitable efforts, but to initiate and create our own projects as well.

In a time where negative news dominates the air and sound waves, it’s easy to lose sight of all the good people and good things going on around us. One of the many great things about the holiday season is that those good things are more visible and serve as good reminders that we’re all in this together. And at Building Engines, we’re proud to be part of an industry that is a catalyst for charity and corporate giving.

On behalf of all us at Building Engines, Happy Holidays!