While it’s not a new question, it’s an important one to revisit.

At Building Engines, we sell software.  Specifically, web-based operations and workflow management software to people who own and manage buildings.  But software is not what our customers really purchase. What they are really buying is something that makes their jobs easier, allows them to manage risk more effectively and helps their buildings operate better. Software and the supporting service we provide are merely the tools that help to deliver those results.

One of the most valuable things we provide our customers and what helps them get what they really want, is our experience and opinion on how to implement and use our software.

We may not always have the right answer, but as Seth Godin wrote recently, we should not be shy about giving you our opinion and as a client, you should always ask for it.

As service and solution providers, we need to always be conscious of the value we provide to our customers and what they are really buying from us.  And as for buyers and prospective customers, please ask us our opinions, after all, it is one of the most valuable things we can offer you.


Not only do we provide the service, but we want to help you grow and succeed.