It’s another exciting day here at Building Engines – we’ve acquired CRE software firm, Synlio, a welcome addition to our modern building operations software toolkit. You can read the official announcement here.

I’d like to be the first to officially welcome Synlio customers, network of providers, and team members to Building Engines – you’re now an important part of our journey to drive innovation in Commercial Real Estate.

Synlio is the third company Building Engines has acquired in the last 18 months, in good company alongside Real Data Management (May 2019) and AwareManager (May 2018).

Why Synlio?

Synlio is a well-loved solution to a much-hated problem in property management – RFPs. Every CRE property manager is tasked with procuring vendors for building services, from general contractors to electricians.

And, all of them agree with Synlio’s tagline: RFPs Suck


We have heard repeatedly from our customers that this RFP process is incredibly time-consuming, inefficient, and risky. Choosing the wrong vendor can create huge costs for a property while threatening tenant satisfaction.

In fact, the RFP process can take anywhere from 6-14 hours per property manager, per project. That means, across the industry, property managers waste $1.3B per year simply collecting, reviewing, and managing providers for their buildings.

That time should be spent serving tenant needs.

Building Engines has acquired Synlio to automate every step of the RFP process, saving you time and ensuring you select the best vendor for every job.

Their technology standardizes, streamlines, tracks and improves this process, while guiding you to make the best decision with expert-created RFP templates and a network of qualified vendors for nearly every job on the property.

There’s some really impressive AI behind the scenes as well that creates incredible efficiencies for users.

Current Synlio users call it a “game-changer and time-saver.”

The industry’s best RFP solution + the most comprehensive CRE operations platform?

We call that a no-brainer.

After all, our goal at Building Engines is to help you deliver exceptional building operations and tenant satisfaction while maximizing your efficiency and profitability.

For property and facility managers, we know Synlio will help you save time in the RFP process, eliminating manual and administrative tasks that waste your time and keep you from doing what you need to do every day.

For asset owners and executives, Synlio will help you to improve transparency throughout your organization, while reducing the risk that comes with choosing unqualified or unlicensed vendors.

Take these next steps

We invite you to join us on a free, live webinar on November 20th at 2:00pm ET to get all the details plus a live demonstration of how RFPs can suck a lot less. Along with Synlio CEO, Oliver Keller, I’ll be shedding more light into this acquisition and what it means for our customers and the broader CRE industry.

Register now and you’ll see a full demo of the Synlio solution, and learn what benefits property management peers like yourself have experienced.

Click here to learn more about Synlio + Building Engines.