BostInno: Introducing the 2020 Tech Madness Boston Bracket – Here’s How to Vote

May the odds be ever in your favor, Boston startups. The 2020 edition of BostInno’s Tech Madness competition is officially open.

The contestants: a fast-moving batch of 64 Boston-area private startups and 16 local public companies. The voters: the entire Boston innovation community—including you.

The bracket, which BostInno’s editorial team assembled based on nominations you sent in over the last several months, encompasses a broad range of Boston’s private, venture capital-backed or bootstrapped companies, as well as a separate cadre of 16 publicly traded companies.

Now, Round 1 of voting is officially open. Take a look at our voting guide below. Then, scroll down to cast your vote. Join us on social with the hashtag #TechMadnessBOS.

What Tech Madness Is About

This contest asks the Boston innovation community to vote for the startups they would invest in. Just ask yourself: Which company am I ready to support with my own money? Keep in mind that this isn’t a ‘versus’ thing. Just identify who you’re bullish on and pick away! A vote for one company is not a vote against another—but Tech Madness is a friendly competition, and one must move on.

How Does BostInno Assemble the Bracket?

Since funding is the most accessible and universal metric available, that’s what we used as our primary metric for determining which startups made the bracket and where they were placed.

You’ll see a few interesting matchups in the very first steps of the competition. For instance, check out Cybereason and Tapple going against each other during Round 1 in the private bracket; on the other side of the bracket, keep an eye on the match between BitSight and Arist. Last year, Toast took home the championship in the private bracket, beating out BitSight Technologies by less than 600 votes, while TripAdvisor beat out Carbon Black for the public bracket crown.

We can’t wait to see who’s going to pile up more votes.

The Voting Schedule

Remember: BostInno’s Tech Madness includes several stages, as the competition gets narrowed to the Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, Final Four and The Champ. We’ll keep you posted on who’s advancing (and who’s not going to make it) via BostInno’s very own website. Each step will be announced here on BostInno and in our BostInno Beat newsletter (subscribe here).

Here’s the voting schedule to keep track of each move as voters decide who’s advancing to the next level:

Private Bracket Voting Schedule

  • Round 1: March 6 – 12
  • Round 2: March 13 – 18
  • Round 3 (Sweet Sixteen): March 19 – 23
  • Round 4 (Elite Eight): March 24 – 26
  • Round 5 (Final Four): March 27 – 30
  • Round 6 (Finals): March 31 – April 2
  • 2020 Tech Madness Private Bracket Champion Announced: April 3

Public Bracket Voting Schedule

  • Round 1: March 6 – 12
  • Round 2: March 13 – 18
  • Round 3: March 19 – 26
  • Round 4 (Finals): March 27 – April 2
  • 2020 Tech Madness Public Bracket Champion Announced: April 3

Now, it’s time to get to the voting. Once each round of voting closes, we’ll advance the winners.

How to Vote

You can vote in the private bracket here.

Original article contributed by: BostInno


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