BostInno: Tech Madness Update: Here’s Who Made It To Round 2 – Vote for Sweet 16

It’s time for a Tech Madness update, Boston!

We’ve wrapped up round 1 of voting. The winners now proceed to compete to determine the Sweet 16.

Some quick numbers: In the private bracket, 41,873 votes were cast in total. Cybereason raced past Tapple with almost double the number of votes. Applause took the win over Modulate by almost triple the amount of votes. There were some close calls too: After cutting it close all week, ProdPerfect ( 52 percent) took the win against TRUX (48 percent) with just a handful of votes. Knoq, formerly known as Polis, (54 percent) heads to the second round of voting surpassing MineralTree (46 percent) by a few votes.

Before you vote, ask yourself: Which company am I ready to support with my own money?

This can be because you’re bullish about one company’s product or another’s mission. A vote for one company is not a vote against another—but Tech Madness is a friendly competition, and one must move on.

Below are the companies that made it to the next round:

  • Cybereason vs. Klaviyo
  • Applause vs. PathAl
  • vs. Affectiva
  • Lovepop vs. Botkeeper
  • ezCater vs. BitSight
  • Catalant vs. Formlabs
  • The Predictive Index vs. HqO
  • DUST Identity vs. ProdPerfect
  • Berkshire Grey vs. Markforged
  • vs. Knoq
  • Privy vs. Cygilant Inc.
  • Realtime Robotics vs. Neurala
  • Flywire vs. Kyruus
  • Cogito vs. Threat Stack
  • AppNeta vs. Jobble
  • Building Engines vs. ZeroNorth

In the public bracket, A total of 3,840 votes were cast. Some notable plays: Pegasystems received double the votes as PTC, whereas Carbon Black took the win over Wayfair by six votes.

The new matchups are:

  • Tripadvisor vs. Carbon Black
  • Chewy vs. Akamai
  • iRobot vs. Pegasystems
  • CarGurus vs. Abiomed Inc.

The Voting Schedule

We’ll keep you posted on who’s advancing (and who’s not going to make it) via BostInno’s very own website. Each step will be announced here on BostInno and in our BostInno Beat newsletter (subscribe here). Join us on social with the hashtag #TechMadnessBOS.

Private Bracket Voting Schedule

  • Round 2: March 13 – 18
  • Round 3 (Sweet Sixteen): March 19 – 23
  • Round 4 (Elite Eight): March 24 – 26
  • Round 5 (Final Four): March 27 – 30
  • Round 6 (Finals): March 31 – April 2
  • 2020 Tech Madness Private Bracket Champion Announced: April 3

Public Bracket Voting Schedule

  • Round 2: March 13 – 18
  • Round 3: March 19 – 26
  • Round 4 (Finals): March 27 – April 2
  • 2020 Tech Madness Public Bracket Champion Announced: April 3

How to Vote

You can vote in the private bracket here.

Original article contributed by: BostInno

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