Build a Championship Team

The NBA playoffs are underway and various franchises are making their push toward the championship. The tournament will require teams and players to perform at their best to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals, and there are several lessons that building managers can use to ensure they are delivering their best performance.  

It’s About the Team Great teams have a big star that can carry his or her team during difficult times, but winning a championship requires everyone to give 100 percent. Building managers should periodically take some time to review how maintenance crews or sub-contractors are working to ensure great results. Communication is essential for any successful organization, and building managers need to maintain clear dialogue about expectations to everyone involved with a large project. Improving coordination between the various groups can streamline and improve the overall performance.

While the star players may get all the credit, it is often the average players who make the difference in a long playoff series. To generate better results from employees, building managers should focus on the middle 40 percent. Most workers fall into this category, so incentive programs will have the greatest benefit if directed at this group.  

Make Adjustments Every championship run eventually hits a rough spot. Smart teams and coaches are able to make quick adjustments when faced with the unexpected. Property managers also need to revise their approach as the year goes on. Major repairs or complications may push a project over budget, but managers are able to make smart decisions that compensate for the additional costs. It’s not enough to know that expenses need to be cut. Managers need to know exactly where there is room for reductions in spending. Property management software lets building operators track everything from repair costs to electricity consumption to help leaders make more informed decisions.  

Appeal to the Fan Base The most exciting playoff runs are when a team exceeds all expectations to truly energize their fan base. Building managers also have fans they need to satisfy in the form of tenants, visitors and ownership groups. Technology can help firms track work orders, response times, spending and more to determine customer satisfaction. Regular surveys can give property managers a good sense of expectations so they can make necessary improvements. When building managers understand their customers, they can direct their teams to deliver results.

Source:  Industry News

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