Prism Mobile for Tenants

Put the power of Prism into your tenants’ hands—let them keep up with what’s happening in their buildings even while away from their desks.

Initiate Work Orders from Anywhere

Let your tenants send work orders on-the-go via their preferred method of communication–mobile device.

Track Task Completion

Rather than waiting around for results indefinitely, tenants can track the progress of outstanding work orders and review updates.

Update Requests

When things change, tenants can update their outstanding work orders in real-time.

Prism Mobile lets tenants initiate and track work order requests on-the-go and see resolutions faster than ever–keeping your property competitive.

Detailed Requests

Tenants can attach photographs and other relevant information to work orders so your team can assemble the right people and materials for the job.

Amenity Advantages

In-demand amenities like Prism Mobile keep your building competitive in any real estate climate.

Timely Resolutions

When engineers spend less time recording work and traveling back and forth to their offices, tenants see faster resolutions to their requests.

Mobile-enable every occupant in your building

Prism for Tenants puts the power of Prism in the palm of every building occupant, helping them stay on top of important issues without being in the office.