Prism Mobile for Engineering

Give your engineers the information they need right at their fingertips–even when they’re on the move working in multiple buildings on numerous tasks.

Automate Slow Workflows

Engineers don’t need to travel back and forth to their offices to check for task updates–their mobile device updates tasks in real-time.

Achieve Performance Visibility

Get a better line of sight into performance towards SLAs, stay on top of all tasks and see the full team’s performance.

Capture All Billables

Rather than trying to remember hours worked or materials used retroactively, engineers record all billables directly into the platform at the point of service.

Reduce Costs of Tenant Requests

Enabling self-service work order requests for tenants frees up admin time for more value-adding areas of your business.

Your engineers are on the front lines of tenant service and satisfaction–ensure they can work optimally from anywhere.

Timely Team Communications

Engineers are informed of changes to tasks immediately, and can quickly send questions to teammates or tenants.

Precautionary Controls

Engineers are protected when performing sensitive or dangerous steps by receiving prompts to confirm service steps.

Full Maintenance History

Access to each asset’s complete prior service performed saves time and assures nothing was missed.

Task Checklist

Improve performance by ensuring certain tasks were carried out before moving on (such as turning off power before disconnecting a wire).

Streamline Task Navigation

Engineers can see all buildings in a consolidated view (no toggling back and forth) and can filter work by task or location.

Digitize Assets for Your Engineers

With Prism Mobile, your engineers have all the information they need to service every asset in your building.