What business results should you expect from
industry-leading building operations software?

Don’t take our word for it.

1. Speed, efficiency, and happy tenants

“Compared to similar products, Building Engines provides the most user-friendly technology for our tenants, our Building Engineers, and our Property Managers. This translates to quicker response times to tenant work orders, efficient preventive maintenance scheduling, and increased tenant satisfaction ratings.”

– Chad Boulay, Director of Property Management, Synergy Investments

2. Time savings

“The improved flexibility to capture, report and account for each component of a billable service request ended up saving me almost 10 full days of data management work per year!”

– Eladio Bracero, Assistant Property Manager, Cushman & Wakefield

3. Freedom to think more strategically

“Building Engines frees up senior management to connect personally with our clients and think strategically about the asset.”

– Andrew Ashforth, Co-CEO, The Ashforth Company

4. Differentiation

“Building Engines has separated us from our competition. It has allowed our employees to become more efficient and have important information at their fingertips. It gets them out from behind their desks and in front of tenants and clients with confidence.”

– Sarah Lejman, Operations Assistant, NAI Hiffman

5. Control over chaos

“Building Engines allows us to organize several disjointed areas of property management into one concise place- which helps create more cohesive management services.”

– Debbie Wedderburn, Director Asset Management, NexCore Group

6. Greater efficiency, streamlined processes

“Building Engines has improved our efficiency and has streamlined a lot of our processes.”

– Jill Ott, Process Improvement Manager, Bissell

7. Transparency with tenants

Building Engines’ mobile app is excellent for use with their work order system; allowing our maintenance staff to acknowledge a request in real time and address it immediately. As a company we believe Building Engines is an excellent tool to improve efficiency and transparency when it comes to showing tenants how productive we are.”

– Rick, SJG Properties

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