This week, JLL announced JiLL, their new app-based chatbot for the workplace, which will be available later this year.  Following the introduction of Bengie by Building Engines in 2019, JiLL signals the growing importance of conversational CRE chatbots. 

Conversational technology has started popping up in various places all around us, changing the way we think about customer experience. Erica, Bank of America’s chatbot, is my financial assistant, helping me stay on top of my money. KIK from H&M is the personal stylist in my pocket. And Amazon’s Alexa acts as my sous-chef when I ask for a new recipe.  

People use chatbots like Erica because they make things easier. It’s never been simpler to check how much money you have in your bank account. Now, instead of pulling out a computer, logging in, and possibly answering a few security questions along the way, you can just ask Erica, “What’s my balance? It’s a better experience. 

Enter Chatbots to the CRE Industry

Just as consumers crave simplicity in the technology they use in their personal lives, tenants are expecting the same from the technology they use at work. Conversational technology offers this, and it’s changing the way people interact with their buildings. 

If you’ve been paying attention to CRE news, you probably know that chatbots are entering our industry as well. And this makes sense considering 61% of building occupants expect their property management teams to use some form of messaging for building-to-tenant communication in the future.  

Simpler Ways for Tenant Conversations

When we set out to bring the next innovation to the tenant experience, this is the kind of simplicity we had in mind. That’s why, late last year, we introduced Bengie, the CRE industry’s first chatbot that helps building occupants make service requests, registering visitors, find coworkers, and access building information. And now, we’re excited to see that others are validating our approach.

This week, JLL announced JiLL, their new app-based chatbot for the workplace, which will be available later this year. Like us, they believe conversational technology will revolutionize the way people experience office environments. Chatbots like JiLL and Bengie are making groundbreaking strides in our CRE industry which has not been known for being on the cutting edge of technology.  That creates better interactions between building occupants, their workplaces, and property management teams. 

As JLL said in their release,Tens of millions of consumers benefit from smart speakers and smartphone assistants at home and on the go.” And with 1/3 of an employee’s life spent at work, it makes sense to carry this simplicity over to the workplace. Until recently, these virtual assistants were nonexistent in the CRE market. Now, Bengie from Building Engines and JiLL are leading the charge for much-needed change. We’re proud to have been early to recognize the opportunity to improve this part of the tenant experience, and we can’t wait to see who else joins us!