Mobile has transformed the way we live our lives, giving us on-demand access to anything, at any time, from anywhere. It’s also changed the way businesses operate, creating exciting new opportunities for the Commercial Real Estate world.

Both tenants and CRE employees stand to benefit from the efficiencies that mobile technology can bring.

But, how can you be sure you’re making the right choice?

What features define a best-of-breed solution for CRE mobile features?

We’ve compiled the most important parts of a CRE Mobile Solution, and important considerations as you make your decision.

Keys to a mobile-driven tenant experience.

According to Building Engines research, a #1 wish-list item for CRE professionals is giving tenants mobile tools to streamline identification and communication of problems and access building resources.

To ensure you’re empowering tenants with what they need, make sure your mobile tenant solution meets the following criteria:

1. Designed for both Android and Apple products to allow all tenants access to its features and utilizes full capabilities of the phone such as the camera and voice to text.  

2. Gives tenants instant access to building management, from anywhere.

3. Automatically prioritizes work for maintenance staff and enables completion and communication “in the moment” from the field.

4. Enables property managers to communicate from anywhere with tenants with broadcast messages or to instantly share any important building updates.

5. Provides tenants on-demand access to service request status and an integrated ability to share feedback.

6. Empowers tenants to submit work orders from anywhere at any time.

7. Allows building managers to quickly review and approve work orders and estimates.

8. Gives tenants ability to remotely manage office visitors with mobile visitor scheduling and watch lists.

9. Allows tenants to reserve amenities (conference rooms and loading docks) from the app.

10. Comes as a native application, instead of a web mobile app from their browser.

11. Gives you promotional tools to help drive adoption among your tenants.


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The majority (54%) of Commercial Real Estate professionals believe that modern property communication tools, such as mobile apps, have the most impact on tenant satisfaction. The full report also showed that giving tenants mobile tools to identify such problems as malfunctions and supply shortages is critical to the tenant experience.

Whether they are in the office or away from their desks early in the morning, during lunch, late at night or any other time, both real estate professionals and tenants continually need to communicate and address issues whenever and wherever they arise.


Empowering property managers and engineers with mobile.

Your mobile property management solution used by managers and engineers should be designed with their needs in mind. The right solution can lead to better speed, efficiency, strategic decision-making, and control over the chaos of day-to-day CRE operations.

Make sure you choose a solution that:

1. Works in areas of low connectivity or service, like a basement.

2. Comes as a native application – not a web mobile application. This will ensure better performance, usability, and accessibility.

3. Is designed to be easy-to-use by each member of your team.

4. Saves you time by capturing and reporting all aspects of property management.

5. Serves up critical information at the right time – keeping your team out from behind their desks searching for information, and keeping them in front of clients and tenants with confidence.

6. Allows your team to manage and respond to tasks remotely.

7. Supports capturing photos to enhance work orders, incidents, and inspections.


Pro tip: Empower your team to manage from anywhere with BE-Mobile, Building Engines’ powerful mobile app designed for engineers and property managers.


Make the move to mobile.

CRE teams who haven’t yet adopted mobile technology may rely on ad-hoc hallway conversations with tenants, vendors and Owners to keep tabs on their buildings. Then, they’re tethered to a desk to complete a mound of paperwork.

This reliance on pencil and paper, spreadsheets, hallway conversations, forgotten information, and a lot of guesswork exposes a CRE organization to risk (and limits your visibility into critical building insights.)

There’s a better way to manage building operations in the 21st century. What are you waiting for?

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