Inspections 3.0 from Building Engines

With New Dynamic Inspections, Advanced Photo Features and Easier Report Sharing, the BE Inspection Tool Arrives Full Circle

Building Engines, a provider of comprehensive cloud and mobile building operations software for the commercial real estate industry, is excited to announce the September 12th release of Inspections 3.0. As the first property management system to develop a stand-alone inspections tool, this third major enhancement that further validates the company’s role as the unquestionable industry leader in digital and mobile inspections. The new release brings the tool full circle with the integration of dynamic inspections, advanced photo features, and immediate report sharing functionality.

With dynamic inspections, property managers and engineers are able to utilize space management technology to automatically generate building inspections by occupancy, room or equipment type.

The new photo features use existing smart phone capabilities to take and attach photos as an inline response to individual questions in inspections. This greatly increases the value of photos in Building Engines’ Inspections Manager, which previously allowed photos in a bucket at the bottom. In addition, inspection administrators can now mandate that a photo be captured as a required answer to specific questions. This will be extremely beneficial for conditions inspections and unit turn management.

The release also includes improved sharing capabilities for reports. Management personnel can immediately print, generate PDFs and easily share results with key stakeholders.

Building Engines’ Inspection Editor uses a familiar drag-and-drop tool to build inspections and is the first of its kind to directly integrate with work order, equipment and preventive maintenance management.

Maintenance teams have the flexibility to complete inspections from any mobile device, schedule or create ad-hoc inspections in the field, and initiate work orders immediately upon failed inspection points. They can even score inspections to evaluate performance against targets. Management personnel are delivered inspections data that helps them to ensure that follow-up work is completed, or informs of those missed performance targets. This data is delivered through automated escalations and notifications and rich visual summary reporting in the Inspections Analytics Dashboard.

For more information on Building Engines’ Inspections Manager, click here.

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